The Late David Hubbard, founding Member of the Loxford School Trust Limited

The gift of selfless, dedicated, voluntary involvement in the local governance of our national schools’ system is something upon which we depend.  The work has been rightly been described as “a professional job done voluntarily”.

The late David Hubbard served first as a governor of the then Loxford School of Science and Technology and became a founding Member of the Loxford School Trust Limited.  In total, his service to Loxford and its growing family of schools spanned over twenty years.  He brought his personal and professional skills to bear in both a general context and more specifically in the realm of financial oversight.

David passed away in early 2020 and the Trust’s Directors wish to acknowledge his commitment and outstanding contribution to the lives of the thousands of young people for whom David sought to ensure the best possible educational provision through our schools.