Primary Education

As a Trust, we pride ourselves in providing pupils with an outstanding education and have strong links with our community. Our pupils are our greatest asset and they make our school a very special place.

As a Trust we aim to ensure that all our pupils leave as happy, confident, independent learners; celebrating their talents and daring to dream.

It is important that our pupils enjoy learning and they are inspired to share their knowledge and understanding with others. We provide our pupils with an exciting, rich and vivid curriculum that enables every child to grow, develop and exceed their potential in a safe, nurturing, positive environment. We strongly believe that our pupils should be encouraged to embrace challenges, take risks, be intrigued by mistakes and become Life Long Learners.

At The Loxford School Trust we are very proud to belong to a wonderful community that contributes enormously to the success of our schools.

We have an amazing team of staff that are enthusiastic, committed and passionate about ensuring every child fulfils their potential.

I hope you enjoy exploring our website and gain an insight into some of the fantastic work that goes on in our Trust schools.

We look forward to working with you in the future to ensure that your children have an enjoyable and rewarding primary school experience.

We believe that children will only thrive if they are consistently happy and safe at school.

This means:

  • Every lesson is creative: the aim of our teachers is always to deliver lessons that children enjoy and feel motivated by.
  • High standards in every classroom: consistency is particularly important during a child’s primary education.
  • Children treated as individuals: each child is treated, looked after and taught in the way that suits them best.
  • Every pupil has a friend: our children are taught to respect each other and their teachers.
  • Hobbies and experiences: we always seek to nurture at least one special talent within each child. Time is always made for children to think, to play, to discover and wonder.

The Loxford School Trust Primary Schools have had another good year, Provisional Data shows that pupils meeting the Expected Standard is as follows:

  Loxford Aldborough
  2019 2018 2019 2018
Reading 77% 69% 70% 75%
Writing 83% 76% 88% 89%
Maths 91% 74% 88% 82%
SPAG 88% 83% 86% 84%



The Trust is richly equipped with the latest ICT facilities, including high speed internet-linked computers, interactive whiteboards, a wireless network of laptop computers, iMac Suites and many other facilities to support independent and personalised learning.

ICT and digital technologies are used in every subject and a variety of examination courses are available in IT.

The Trust places the highest priority on using new technologies for learning.

Students also have access to Google classroom, which enables home access to learning materials for students and parents.


The Loxford School Trust opened in 2013.

It works with Primary and Secondary schools around London and Essex to deliver training and development for their teachers and leaders.

Already we have trained leaders, with consistently outstanding evaluations by participants.

As well as offering training for senior and middle leaders, we offer training for teachers looking to get from ‘Requiring Improvement’ to ‘Good’ or ‘Good’ to ‘Outstanding’ and Initial Teacher Training for those entering the profession.

In developing these programmes, we set the bar high to ensure they are highly regarded by ambitious schools, teachers and leaders.  The training is highly practical and always led by experienced staff, all of whom have the credibility of having brought about rapid educational transformation in their schools.