Safe Drive Stay Alive

(News from The Warren School)

On 4th May our sixth form pupils took part in a pilot follow up question and answer session with the Borough Accident Prevention Officer and Martin Golding from ‘Safe Drive Stay Alive’.  Martin was the passenger in a road traffic collision that was caused as the result of a friend drink driving.  Pupils first saw Martin present in February at the Borough talk and since then they’ve had time to consider what they’d like to ask him.  Pupils asked a range of questions including:

  • How did you feel when you first had to get in a car after the accident?
  • What do you miss the most about your old life?
  • Do you still socialise with the people you were friends with before the accident?
  • How has your life changed?

Pupils were able to reflect upon the experiences Martin had and the challenges he faces as the result of a single moment.  He had a clear message that we are ultimately all responsible for our own actions and it is always our responsibility to keep ourselves safe.

“He was so brave to come and share his story with us.  It makes me think a lot more about not just driving but also as a passenger and pedestrian the importance of staying safe.  I’m looking at starting driving lessons soon and the lessons I’ve learnt from these sessions will certainly stay with me every time I get behind the wheel.”  Beatrice Sturman, year 12.

“It made me consider how people take life for granted and how things can change at any moment” Dilan Taylor, year 12.

As a school we’d like to thank both Martin and Penny for coming in to speak to our pupils.

Miss Lyus