Maths Day!

(News from Aldborough Primary School)

On October 13 we had our first ever maths day were we learnt new skills and games about maths.

We quoted some of the teachers and this is what they said

“Maths day was exhilarating” quoted Miss Turner.
“Maths day was scrumptious and delightful” exclaimed Mrs Light.
“Maths day is great because children get to do maths actives and enjoy whilst having fun” said Miss Begum.

We also asked the teachers if they would change one thing for the next maths day what would it be and they said…

“I would add some dressing up and have a whole school challenge that the whole school would have to solve and who ever solved it would get a big prize in assembly” quoted Mrs Light.
“I would also like to have a dressing up maths day, were we would have to dress up as a crazy mathematician of your choice!” quoted Miss Monikh.
“I think it would be a great idea to move class rooms so you can experience the other maths activities” Miss Pudney quoted.

One of our best quotes was the one from Miss Greenwood about her experience from year one.

We also asked the children what they did,

“We did role play” Riona said.
“My favourite part of maths day was when we played maths games” said Sharif.
“We played maths games such as around the world which includes multiplication facts” said Yasar.

And finally we asked them to describe maths day in one word:

Nayra said “fantastic”
Yasar said “exciting”
Kache said “awesome”
Elijah said “outstanding”
Zarin said “brilliant”

To sum up maths day we think it was extremely impeccable!!!