Vision of The Loxford School Trust

I am proud to present the Loxford School Trust strategic plan for 2019 to 2021. The Loxford Trust aspires to create a family of Primary and Secondary Academies that will develop strong reputations for developing outstanding education for all pupils.

Our aim is to improve educational standards and increase aspirations for all by demanding excellence in all we do within our family of schools.

We are striving to be an outstanding trust, delivering a high quality education for each one of our students. At Loxford School Trust we aim to prepare young people for an ever-changing world that values self-confident, well-educated and enterprising people.

Loxford is relentless in its approach on school improvement, valuing traditional standards in a technological environment. In recent Ofsted inspections all schools have been graded good or above. The trust thrives on its exacting and uncompromising nature and its quest for success for all students.

Loxford believes that everyone can succeed regardless of their prior backgrounds and that it will provide the widest opportunities through its extensive and broad curriculum to enable children to have the qualifications to access university if they wish.

It is essential all the schools has outstanding achievement, behaviour, leadership and teaching at all times. There is no reason why any external factor should be a barrier for any child not to reach their full potential and reach their ultimate goals. All stakeholders are immersed in a success culture and a can do attitude.

Within this environment of high aspirations pupils progress is tracked constantly with clear interventions and strategies employed to raise achievement further.  We make a real impact on the lives of our students.

Attendance is high and there is a strategic vision led through the school’s Development Plan to raise achievement even further.  Even though the trust has raised many school from special measures, it will not rest on its laurels.  There are further improvements and barriers yet to break.  Children know what is expected of them and know what they can expect of us.  We all live with the same trustl rule which is a simple but an effective tool – be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.

Underperformance of any child is monitored in partnership with parents and there is a highly focussed approach to raising standards at examination level.  The curriculum is relevant and stimulating which places children at the heart and soul of the lesson.  The staff within personalise the learning for students and guide them with clear targets to success.

The Loxford School Trust focus on the quality of teaching and learning whilst using funding in innovative ways because of the greater freedoms and independence that Academies are granted.  The Loxford School Trust has been designed specifically to bring about transformation in areas of deprivation and low standards. It has proved that whatever the background of a child, children can succeed.

Despite our past successes, we continue to seek new challenges and opportunities to help children fulfil their potential, both academically and socially, so that they leave us with the widest range of choices in a challenging society. Loxford is now an all through school and welcomed its first cohort in reception and Year One two years ago. The Primary Phase is thriving. We want every child to feel part of the school community but our primary provision has its own personality, with specialist staff, separate buildings and dedicated play areas. The all through school allows students to make lifelong friendships and move smoothly from one phase to the next.

We hope to bring this same calm, purposeful and friendly environment in our partnership within our other schools, yet ultimately our mission is to raise standards of attainment and achievement.

Strategic Rationale for the Partnership

  • The Loxford Trust will set clear school leadership structures and performance appraisal processes for all staff.  All targets will be linked to final examinations and the Target Minimum Grades which will be aspirant and result in the raising of educational standards.
  • The appraisal system will be transparent and clear targets will be set in September for all staff.
  • The Loxford Trust will set clear and coherent management structures which all staff adhere to.  All staff will produce a professional development portfolio appropriate to roles and development needs.
  • All middle and senior leaders will be set a clear agenda to develop their own leadership skills in departmental/curriculum/pastoral in their vision, expectation and organisation.  All teams will work together to meet the schools targets which will be set by The Loxford Trust.
  • A new pastoral system of adults rather than teacher will operate as Heads of Years dealing with all issues on behaviour, safety and attendance.
  • The Loxford Trust will ensure that all curriculum areas develop a distinctive ethos which is exacting, exciting and extensive and raises standards for all students – a priority is to secure excellence in all aspects of the curriculum.  The Loxford Trust will ensure that there is a curriculum for all students to access university if they wish.  The Loxford Trust will ensure that all leaders of learning secure spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils at the school.
  • The Loxford Trust will ensure that the school meets the needs of the range of pupils at the school particularly the needs of disabled pupils and those who have special educational needs.
  • Schools information management systems will be deployed to track student progress, student behaviour, student attendance and staff attendance.
  • The Loxford Trust will ensure that all leaders have a clear view of direction and priorities.
  • Setting a local school vision to operate in harmony with the Trust and communicating this to all schools.
  • A structured and efficient management of multiple Academies.
  • Efficient recruitment procedures.
  • Supporting infrastructure for new schools, the single Trust will provide a mechanism to build capacity to incorporate new schools into The Loxford Trust.
  • An efficient and effective method will accelerate school improvement and result in better outcomes for young people of sponsored schools.
  • This will be achieved by inter-schools support and by the sharing and learning of course materials, resulting in structured teaching and learning.
  • Improved communication – The Trust will provide a channelled and efficient means of collecting stakeholder views and experiences to shape the Trust strategy in order to constantly improve the educational outcomes and general wellbeing of students, staff and communities.
  • A common ethos – an agreed educational and social mission reflected on a common set of values individualised to each Academy is capable of adding support and resilience to reinforce this ethos.
  • Common Policies – a consistent approach representing agreed best practice in all Academies under The Loxford Trust.
  • Wider Curriculum Choice – working collaboratively within the single Trust all Academies will be encouraged to collaborate in curriculum development and will collectively be able to offer a wider range of curricular and extra –curricular learning opportunities, personalisation of learning, improving student motivation, engagement in wider education, sporting and cultural activities and thus lead to better outcomes for school communities.
  • Cost Efficiencies – the Single Trust will benefit from economies of scale with central purchasing and more streamlined and efficient operational support including ICT, Financial Management, Schools Contracts and many other areas.  Up to 5% reservation of budget per Academy may be made annually to maximise support and resources.
  • Specialist Teachers – The Loxford Trust will enable the appointment of specialist teachers working with their sponsor schools to provide rapid improvements to achievement and attainment of children.  Communities of subject specific staff will be created, ensuring a wide range of professional and career benefits.
  • Better staff recruitment and retention – The Loxford Trust will provide an unrivalled ladder of career opportunity for its staff.
  • The benefits of workforce reform will result in the sharing of the best teaching and learning materials, creating effective and professional development opportunities within The Loxford Trust.
  • No child is left behind – the education and community provision through The Loxford Trust will ensure that all children have access to the highest qualifications and pursuit of excellence that is their basic entitlement.