Abbs Cross and Loxford Travel to India

Over half term a group of pupils and teachers from Loxford School and Abbs Cross School visited India for eight days.  They spent two days at Salwan Public School (Delhi), which we have collaborated work since 2012 via the British School Council’s Connecting Classroom Programe. Pupils took part in a range of workshops, delivered presentations on British folk tales in whole school assemblies, learned how to play kabaddi and make one of India’ major cuisines, panjiri ladoo.

Pupils also spent a day at Sun City School (Gurgaon) where they engaged in Maths, Science, Art and Drama lessons. The highlight of the day was the bhangra dance class which was followed by a tour of the multi-sensory suites the school offers.

After visiting key historical and cultural sites in Delhi (Delhi Fort, Jama Masjid, Ghandi Cremation Memorial, Delhi Haart and Janpath Market), the pupils travelled via land to the North where they visited Fatephur Sikri, Agra Fort and Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. The journey ended with a sunrise visit to the nation’s most iconic destination – the wondrous Taj Mahal.

The pupils loved absorbing the country’s unique sights, smells and colours and could not wait to share memories with friends and family upon their return.

We look forward to welcoming pupils and teachers from Salwan Public School and Sun City School in the next academic year.

Quotes from students:

“We were all amazed to see the changing landscape of the country-it’s so different to London”

“I loved seeing all the tuk tuks and motorbikes speeding in and out of the traffic”

“I loved seeing Mr Akhtar being taught how to wear a turban!”

“I was in disbelief at the scale and intricacy of all the buildings, especially the Taj Mahal which used the skills of 22,000 artisans over 22 years!”

“Visiting the schools was interesting as they have so many facilities. They even grow their own vegetables and prepare their own meals!”

“I loved Sun City School – we took part in a dance class and then ate lots of local treats right after!”

“Although we are from one of the world’s busiest cities, the fast and bumpy roads and sounds of the beeping horns in Delhi and beyond were a surprise to us”

“Seeing the Taj Mahal was my favourite part of the trip and something I’ll never forget – I have never seen a building so beautifully designed”

“I liked performing in front of hundreds of students at Salwan Public School. Their assemblies are so different to ours and it gave us lots of ideas for our own”

“My favourite activity was producing some artwork and learning about global warming at the same time”.

“The food in India was all very delicious – especially the hot naan and fresh curries every day. I will miss it a lot”